Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as they set out the terms of a legally binding agreement between you (the buyer) and P.C.M Exports. By placing an order online or buying our products from our authorized franchise stores, you agree that you have read, understood and hence are bound by the Terms and Conditions and the legal policy of P.C.M Exports. 

Privacy Policy:

1.    The user hereby gives his consent and agrees to the condition that he has read and understood the privacy policy of www.pcmexports.com

2.    PCM Exports is a trademark registered for procurement, processing, packaging, import and export of international dry fruits.

3.    www.pcmexports.com is an e-commerce based web portal licensed by P.C.M Exports, a company registered under laws of India, to sell, distribute, advertise and make available its products under the Rich Naturals® brand.

4.    PCM Exports has obtained a registered trademark in the name of Rich Nuts® for branding, advertisement, franchise stores, sales and distribution of dry fruits in this name.

5.    Unauthorised printing, copy, production or distribution of logo, brand name or any trademark is a punishable offence.

6.    By signing into the website you agree that you will use the platform for the intended purpose. Legal action can be initiated against a party found to have used the platform to upload inappropriate content, using abusive language, or defame the company under the Information Technology Act 2000. 

PCM Exports reserves all rights on all the photos, images, logo, and any other printable material to be downloaded, shared or printed in an unauthorized manner and it is a punishable offence under the Information and Technology Act 2000.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:


1.    At PCM Exports, we ensure 100% payment protection.

2.    The payment made through payment gateway will be refunded back to the customer within 7 working days from the day of raising a refund request by the customer.

3.    The customer has to bear the cost of courier charges to get back the product from the customer premises to the company and the same will be deducted from the cost of the product paid by the customer.

4.    PCM Exports has all rights reserved to set the prices of its products exclusively for its own e-commerce site. The company also sells its products on other e-commerce platforms and prices may vary on those platforms and they have no control over the special prices, special offers and discounts being offered on www.pcmexports.com.

5.    The refund policy says that the company will return the payment being made by a customer within 7 working days if the shipment couldn't be made within 3 working days from the date of making the payment. All disputes are subject to Bhubaneswar jurisdiction.


Shipping & Delivery Policy:

1.    The order once made by the customer will be fulfilled within maximum of three working days from the day of placing of the order.

2.    The delivery of the product will be made in two modes; standard and fast track. Standard mode will be carried by Trackon Couriers and Fast Track is a mode that is costlier yet more secured and faster being provided by Blue Dart Couriers. So, it is the choice of the customer to decide which carrier he wants as a carrier.

3.    The free delivery option being provided by the company above purchase of Rs.1000/- is being made in the standard mode and if the customer wants to take fast-track delivery, then he has to pay some extra amount which will be discussed with the customer prior to making a delivery.

1.    In case of cancellation of an order, the customer has to bear the cost of the courier to carry the material back from the customer premises to the company.

2.    The user of our website has the sole responsibility to keep the confidentiality of its password set by him. The products can be purchased from the website by various payment options available on the website.

3.    Any dispute found in the process of sending or receiving through the payment gateway, will be dealt by the gateway service provider.

4.    Any product once supplied will not be returned or any refund can't be initiated if the complaint is received after 7 days of date of delivery of the product.

5.    Moreover, the return of the product will not be accepted if the seal is broken, the package is tampered with or the product is stored in a condition otherwise instructed by the manufacturer (without refrigeration).

6.    By placing an order on this website, you agree that the delays in delivery caused due to the courier service provider is beyond the control of PCM Exports and any damage caused to the material supplied by us or delay in delivery has to be recovered from the courier company. So, the customer will cooperate with us when we'll claim any damage settlement suit against the courier company.

7.    All the spices sold on our website are from Home Fills brand and we don't have any control over the quality of the spices being supplied by that company. Hence if a customer has any complaint on any spices being bought from our website, he/she should file a legal complaint against them. The details of the company are printed on their product packets.

8.    Any spice of Home Fills brand once sold can't be returned in any case. They doesn't come under our refund or replace policy.

9.    The company is not bound to provide its service (delivery) beyond the serviceable areas of its courier partners.

10. The service deilvery at a given location is at the discretion of our courier partner which may not be available for all locations at all points of time.



1.    All payments from our corporate clients will be collected within 7 working days from the date of delivery.

2.    No credit is allowed to any retail user.

3.    Any product purchased from our franchise stores can't be returned to our head office in Bhubaneswar. It is completely at the discretion of the franchise holder to replace that product or not.

4.    The company is free to decide the price of its products and it can change the price of its products without any prior information being given to its customers.

5.    The company is responsible for its dry fruits only. Any other allied products like gift packs, packing materials or any other materials are not manufactured by PCM Exports are not covered under the refund or replacement policy.

6.    The membership option is available for frequent buyers as a loyality plan. A member is entitled to get 5% extra discount over and above the seasonal offers being made to its customers.

7.       The products shown under the Authentic Odisha Products are being certified by PCM Exports as their origin from the State of Odisha.