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Jardalu (Dry Apricots) (213)



Product Code : 213

Origin : Afghanistan

Minerals : Dried apricots provide small amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. They provide about 1,171 IU of vitamin A and 1.4 mg of vitamin E. There are only 3 mg of sodium per serving, making dried apricots a low-sodium food and a good choice for those with high blood pressure.

Health Benefits :

  1. Encourages cell growth.
  2. Builds up the immune system.
  3. Maintains good vision.
  4. Keeps bones healthy.
  5. Assists in reproduction

How to Consume : 

1. Substitute for Chocolate: Hold the sprinkles and add some sweet dried apricots! Scoop your favorite low-fat ice cream over a peeled banana and sprinkle with dried apricots.

2. Apricots on a Log? A little twist on the old-time favorite—spread peanut butter in the celery groove and line chopped dried apricots on top. For a crunchier version, use a pretzel rod or apple slices instead of celery. Recipe Bookworm Apple Bark

3. Salad Topper: To add more potassium and vitamin A to your day, toss dried apricots on your favorite low-fat chicken, seafood, or pasta salad.

4. Top Your Bagel: Tired of boring bagels? Mash ripe bananas, spread over a bagel, and top with chopped dried apricots.

5. Soak in water: Dried apricots are delicious as is! Pick a few of them, soak in water for 2 hours, now eat them for an energizing mid-morning or pre-workout snack! And yes, never forget to eat up its seed inside as it contains a small almond in it which prevents cancer!!

6. Gourmet: Try a hand at your own gourmet meal with apricots and other assorted dry fruits.

7. Fruit Salad: Rinse and slice fresh grapes and all of your favorite fruits together for a simple treat anytime of the day. Recipe Fruit Salad (sub. dried apricots soaked in water)

8. Dip: Purée crumbled blue cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, dates, dried apricots, and pecans to make a creamy dip that goes great with celery, crackers, on a sandwich, on top of bagels…there are so many possibilities!